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Sequin Dress

Step into your next event with high shine and a splash of unforgettable sparkle. Our opulent collection of sequin dresses will make dressing for any formal occasion a hassle-free task. 

Our selection of full-length sequin dresses is meticulously embellished with row upon row of dazzling sequins, allowing our beautiful glitter dresses to catch the light perfectly. Soft, stretch fabric fits your body seamlessly, highlighting your beauty while accentuating your favorite assets. From plunging necklines and low-open backs to high-slits and more, you’re spoilt for choice when you browse our breathtaking collection of form-flattering sequin dresses. 

Choosing the right glitter formal dress made easy at Abyss By Abby

When you’re shopping for the perfect sequin dress, don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Our glitter dresses come in an exciting range of colorways to match the mood and look you want to embody. For a soft and minimalistic aesthetic, slide into one of our neutral-toned sequin dresses enhanced with gorgeous beading and fringing. If it’s a bold and dramatic statement you’re craving, try one of our vibrant glitter dresses — the figure-hugging silhouette creates an utterly sensual and timeless look. When it comes to accessorising your sequin dress, remember that less is more. Wear a simple, understated piece of jewelry that harmonizes with your gown, and look for single-strand bracelets or a dainty pair of earrings. 

Explore the best range of glitter formal dresses at Abyss By Abby

Drench yourself in effortless sophistication and master the art of formal dressing with our exclusive collection of sequin dresses. Each cut, style, and silhouette is designed to emphasize your personal style and drape you in a cloud of glitzy accents. 

Our sequin dresses are a fairytale waiting to happen — so explore our glitter dress collection today to find a silhouette that fuses effortless style with intricate detailing and bold accents. While you’re here, browse our selection of glamourous silk and satin dresses, slinky velvet gowns, and feather silhouettes to find other show-stopping designs.